Alyssia Kent Interview

Alyssia Kent

1.Where your stage name came from?

My stage name it put it one of my good friend, it was like…I said: how you see my porn name, it told me Alyssia Kent and I said I love it!

2.Have you ever had other job?

Yes, I had others job!

3.At what age did you lose your virginity?

I lose my virginity at 18 years old!

4.How it feels like shooting lesbi scenes? You prefer working with girls instead men?

It feels great if both of them girl/men are my kind!

5.Your family knows about porn? What they say about it?

They do not know! 🙂 Is not about I do not tell them is about I tell them what they need because I love them a lot!
Is like I live 2 lifes!

6.What you bought from the first money you won in porn?

I bought bitcoin! Haha

7.Do you believe in a sincere relationship ? Do you want to get married and have kids?

In this moment I do not believe in relationships anymore but I am sure is a thing for moment and at right time will come to me and for sure I will get married and have kids too!

8.How do you see yourself at 40 years old?

This question….pfff! Is like you ask me how I see my self older haha! No, I do not think how I will see my life at 40 because I have a lot until there and time is just an ilusion made of people!

9.If your child will tell you that he/she wants to work in porn what you would say?

I am sure I do not know what would I say because for sure I will do not have the mind of now!

10.Do you have a favourite actor? Porn actor, of course…

I do not have a favourite porn actor! 🙂

11.How it looks like a regular day when you are not shooting?

Depends, some days I like to listen relaxin music; reading, play with my dog, talk with my friends, hang out, play games and laugh, cinema, offcourse shopping, and have good conversations!

12.The craziest place you had sex is?

Hmmm! If it was craziest that mean will stay there in my memories! Haha

13.You prefer big or small? You know what i mean…:)

I know what you mean! I prefer the magic from and not the size!

14.What s your biggest dream?

Hmm! I have a lot of things to achieve them and at end of all this is the biggest dream!

15.Have you ever fall in love with an actor? If yes, tell me the name…

No, I did not! But I love them all when the sign start! Haha

16.What are your hobbies and interests?

I love to spend my time in SPA :)) this is a hobby for me hahaha! I like music, read, shopping and for sure travel

17.Did you ever watched your movies with your boyfriend?

I do not have boyfriend!

18.Do you consider yourself a lucky person?

I am a lucky one!

19.How do you think working in porn can change you?

It give me what I want! It not change me!

20.How your fans can contact you?

They can fallow me on my twitter @alyssia_kent or on

With love,
Alyssia Kent

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