Dorothy Black gets an intense oral sex lesson from Henessy


    We love exploring all of the possibilities of what could happen in the back of our Box Truck, so today, we’ve brought along a female crewmember to switch things up a bit! Luckily, she’s just as great as picking up some hot girls, and it isn’t long until she has Dorothy Black in her crosshairs. It takes a little bit of convincing, but the lovely blonde finally agrees to step into our truck once we let her know that we’re offering a free massage. After all, who doesn’t want to enjoy a relaxing massage?

    Our female crewmember wants her to feel at home right away, and she offers Dorothy a bra and panty set to change into. Though our newest model looks around nervously at the busy streets all around her, she quickly begins to strip off all of her clothing to change into the options we provided her. We promise her privacy, but don’t worry – we keep the camera rolling the entire time she’s changing! You’ll also get to enjoy the erotic sight of our female crewmember stripping off all of her clothing and changing into her own bra and panties at the same time!

    Once both women have stripped into their underwear, Dorothy lays on the bed to begin the massage. We regularly have to reassure our latest model that no one can see her as she starts the massage looking out around the world outside nervously. Enjoy the view as our sexy brunette massages the taut body of our newest model. You’ll get to enjoy two sexy women in panties as our crewmember massages out all of the tense knots in Dorothy’s body. There seem to be a lot of knots in the model’s perky ass, and our crewmember makes sure to take all of the time to rub, squish, and caress out all of those knots.

    The massage starts getting steamier once our crewmember, citing the intense heat, asks if she can take off her own bra. Of course, Dorothy agrees, and you’ll get to watch the bare sight of our crewmember’s perky breasts as she continues the massage. Soon, our crewmember’s hands start to stray near Dorothy’s pussy. At first, she puts up a fuss – not because it doesn’t feel good (as she confesses), but because she doesn’t think this is proper. Of course, we soon assure her that we’re only there for her pleasure, and she soon starts to relax and enjoy our crewmember’s hands all over her pussy – even as she blushes, giggles, and tries to hide her face while she moans.

    You’ll enjoy the view as these two hotties start to make out on the bed while our crewmember has her fingers in Dorothy’s pussy. Our crewmember soon slides down the bed and her face finds its way between Dorothy’s thighs for an intense oral sex session. The oral sex turns into mutual masturbation with both women’s hands in between each other’s legs as they make out and enjoy each other’s bodies.

    It doesn’t take long until the toys come out, and our crewmember pulls out a glass dildo, lubes it up with the massage oil, and slips it into Dorothy’s pussy. Enjoy Dorothy’s complete surprise as it slips into her, and she starts to ride the thick length inside of her while our crewmember also fingers her clit. After fucking Dorothy hard enough to make her cum, our crewmember wants her own, and she athletically climbs over the blonde’s body to seat herself right on Dorothy’s face. Watch both of these hot women’s pussies as they pleasure one another over and over in all sorts of different positions all over the truck.

    Wanting even more pleasure, the powerful vibrator soon comes out. Using the thick wand massager on her own clit, our crewmember moans in ecstasy as Dorothy fucks her with her fingers. Listen to the moans of these two sexy women as our crewmember cums with the help of our newest model, and the scene winds down with these two sexy women enjoying kissing every inch of each other’s bodies. Of course, we got you the best views of the entire experience – all in high-definition video.