Meg Magic fucks in the back of our truck


    While out looking for women to cast for our latest film, we happen upon Meg – a beautiful, red-headed girl with a slim body who’s dressed for comfort. With a bit of discussion outside of our truck and our friendly personalities, we convince this young woman to step inside the truck when we let her know that we had a model cancel on us today and we need a fill-in. 20 years old, this tall woman seems a bit nervous about people being able to see her through the truck walls, but she’s willing to sit down and chat with us.

    From Budapest, this student happily jumps into taking photos with us. As such a tall girl, she almost touches our truck’s ceiling when she stands on the bed! Soon, we’re convincing our newest model to remove her clothing in order to qualify for our bikini and lingerie model shoots, but it’s taking quite a bit of cash to get her to continue to remove her clothing. Enjoy looking at her slender body as she nervously removes her bra and panties for the money we’re giving her.

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    After Meg has done such a good job with her mouth, he needs to slide into her, and he does so right as a group of bicycles are riding by. She clearly enjoys being filled as her moans and gasps get louder as he fills her up. You get to listen to the slick sounds of her wet pussy as he thrusts in and out – and admire our newest model’s deep throating skills as she takes his fingers to the back of her throat!

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