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      After around two months in quarantine, the porn actors from Hungary can shoot again, starting today, 4th of May. Several countries from Europe, and not only, are expected to do the same thing in the near future.
      We are excited to see some new scenes!

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      I find it really funny, that hungarian porn industry members don’t speak up during the second wave. Porno Dan posted on his insta getting swabs -may I add he is always whining during the process, not really alpha behaviour- then three days later being in public with no mask and close contact with performers. How is it celebrated, that he is smiling in front of a big statue like the president, dressed up as a penguin and stating that he is virus free now? Shouldn’t educate him on the topic? I haven’t seen him being mindful of the virus other than posting selfies with some workers of the lab, eating in public like the world isn’t on fire. I haven’t seen anyone else pulling such a dick move like him… this is shady and not a good luck on anyone really…

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