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How It All Began

I had just turned 18, and my buddy and I went out to the bars for some fun. We closed em down and headed home horny as most 18 year olds were. Brad kept rubbing his dick thru his jeans complaining about how horny he was.

He gave me some directions to a place he said was a guaranteed blow job. Well, I was in. He took us across town on Northwest HWY. We went north on Harry Hines. The place isn’t there anymore, its further north on Hines, we pulled into the Paris Adult Bookstore. Brad had obviously been here before, but I didn’t know what to expect.

He explained to go to the counter and get $5.00 worth of quarters and follow him to the back. We each got our quarters and went to the back behind some curtains. When I say it was dark, thats an understatement. Even though it was close to 3 in the morning, my eyes had to adjust.

Once they did, I saw several people standing around and 2-3 rows of booths with lights on top showing if it was occupied. I found one with no light on, and entered.

I found a little latch and hooked it closed. Next there was some fumbling about trying to see what I was supposed to do now. I figured it out and my first porn movie came to life.

It was about a candy striper who fucked and sucked Drs. and other nurses alike. It took me no time to get hard and drop my pants to jack off. While i was stroking I heard someone say “let me suck it.” I turned and noticed for the first time what a glory hole was and how it was used.

This was late 78, long before aids was known about. I turned and shoved my little 6″ cock thru the hole to “heaven”. The guy on the other side went to work on my cock and had me standing on my tippy toes, my body glued to the wall between us and shaking like a leaf. I came too quick, but lights exploded, the earth shook with my first blow job and first time to cum without my own hand.

I had to sit down for a moment to gain by senses back. I reached for the hole to help me get up. The door next to me opened as I attempted to rise. I quickly found out the signal for “I want to suck your dick” is the fingers in the hole.

I and my new friend never had a chance to see each other before his 8″ thick cock came thru the hole to my side. Never thought about another cock, but here it was hard as steel and a drop of precum on the tip. I’m not sure what I was thinking, but I knew what had just happened to me.

I reached out and tentatively touched the first cock other than mine. It was so soft, yet looking at it, it was hard, bulging, angry looking. I wrapped my hand around it and started to slide my hand up and down its length. The drop of precum became larger and started to drip off. I immediately stuck my tongue out and caught it, my tongue slicing thru the air and coming in contact with his hard cock.

It flexed and jumped, a small moan coming from the other booth. I did it again and again, he said suck it. I opened my mouth and slid the head in. since I was new to this, i couldn’t take it all in. I used my tongue and lips to apply pressure to the same spots i knew were sensitive on my own dick.

My new neighbor started to buck against the wall and making noises. I really didn’t know what was happening, I was to focused on what I was doing. Then it happened, he came without warning, filling my mouth with a huge load of cum. I swallowed out of instinct and the flavor was unique.

I began to think this was the most awesome place in the world. My friend didn’t say anything, but I could hear his pants and belt going up. I hurried to get mine up, I heard his door open to leave and I looked thru the hole and caught a glimpse of him leaving.

The name on the belt said “Brad”, I realized I had just sucked off my best friend and swallowed his cum. To this day, I don’t think he knew it was me. Afterward, we often talked of going back, and he bragged how the last guy gave him a great blow job and how he swallowed it all.

This was just the beginning of my life after this. I got married twice, had kids, then everything went south in the sex with my wife. I look forward to posting about my 40’s and how I turned back to sucking and getting sucked.

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