Episode 9 – Tenerife Heat


    J.J. a poor but hardworking porn photographer in Hungary has mysteriously inherited a lovely big house in the country. His friends suggest that he turns the place in to a hotel and porn babes will offer the guests “extra services”. One of the first of these guests, a Russian called “Yury” is found savagely murdered, but a few days later turns up very much alive on Tenerife in the Canary Islands, thousands of miles from J.J.`s home!

    So with the help of Bono, a detective, J.J. sets off to find this man. Spanish secret police woman, Patricia, is able to tell the guys that “Yury” is a Russian scientist on the run from his own country`s secret police after absconding with a nerve gas formula. On Tenerife they track Yury down to a villa in the countryside, but are captured at gunpoint. Later the guys managed to escape their captors and have been reunited with Patricia and her cops.