The Spy who Fucked Me


    You are a Spy who has just acquired a valuable bit of knowledge which is embedded in a disk. You get a knock on your door and a Blonde Beauty dressed to Kill tells you she is your neighbor, Lucy Heart, and her internet is down. She has important work to finish and asks if she can come in for awhile to use your internet. You let her in, but as she enters she reveals an exotic flower and beckons you to smell it. Next thing you know…your tied up in your Home….and she is having immense pleasure in finding ways to get you to reveal to her the location of the disk.

    Being a Professional Spy Girl this Sexy Russian Babe knows how to get you talkin. If whipping you and your balls doesnt work, well then her well trained pussy will have to make a sacrifice to complete the mission. She sucks your cock and fucks you six ways from Sunday, and then lets you fuck her in return, knowing that the agent you inhaled from her flower will keep any notion of escaping at bay. Long story short….she gets her card at the end, and you get to explode all over her in 3D 180 immersive Virtual Reality!