You may have seen this beautiful blondie on the cover of a couple of X rated magazines. Quite so, Alexis Texas is one of the most recognizable porn models for the past few decades. She has bagged a couple of awards, including the AVN awards, for the remarkable work she has done in the porn industry.

Early Life
Alexis Texas was born in 1985 in Castroville, Texas.
It didn’t take long for the world to see the beauty and remarkable body she had.
As a result, this hot blondie tried her luck for a modeling agency in LA.
Not long after that, popular porn networks, including the Bang Bros Network, sized the glorious opportunity to work with the blondie.
She rose to the top quick and fans appreciated the talent she put on display.

Standing at 173 cm / 5ft 6in tall, with a tiny waist and big ass, Alexis got a couple of nominations a year into her porn career.
Her ‘lightweight’ (53kgs)has enabled her to star in a lot of enjoyable porn skits with men completely dominating her.
And as they say, the rest is history..

Porn Career
Alexis hit the jackpot when she started taking significant roles with the Bang Bros Network and significant Hollywood roles, including Bloodlust zombies.
The petite blondie also featured in what would, later on, become her famous movies, including High-Class Big ass, Booty Bombs, and Buns of Anarchy.
Her good looks and crotch have since been satisfying millions of fans worldwide.

Best Scenes
Alexis Texas has one of the best ratings when it comes to adult-rated videos.
She carries an impressive 390 million views. Her work is diverse and satisfactory.
The gorgeous blonde is a storm that does not blow over easy, and below are some of her best jobs:

The Assjob from heaven

Alexis’s is so voluptuous that you cannot help but stare.
Her small waist is so easy to grab on to as she works on you.
In this particular video, she is wholly oiled up as she glides her nether areas on the gentleman’s dick.

Too good that the male star almost nuted

In this scene, she is also oiled up and twerks the dick inside her pussy.
She does it so well and long that the ale star pushes her away to prevent cuming inside her.
She is a world-class model, and the male model knew it.
Her big ass wiggles up and down his shaft, giving him a hard time to continue keeping his dick hard.

Great images

The star is not only a formidable actress but also a great model.
She takes the best-naked pictures.
You will get shots of her stripped down naked while getting a pounding, others by herself or ass shots.
She has a very sensational body and knows how to work it.

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