One of the known faces since the year 2005 when she debuted. This blonde bombshell named Angie Savage took the adult industry by storm with her complete package and skillset. This retired pornstar is from Santa Cruz, California in the United States She started her porn career last year 2005 and retired last 2013. With 8 years in the industry, she gave us a lot of moments to remember and a collection of a must-watch.

Back then when she is starting working in this industry, she is more exclusive for a girl on girl scenes. Yes, Angie Savage is into kissing a horny woman and pleasuring pussies with her fingers. She also loves using her playful tongue and is fond of using different varieties of sex toys. After a series of lesbian videos, she moved on with it and focused on creating high-quality hardcore videos. From wet pussies to big cocks, she finally makes that transition that everybody is waiting for. Overall, she did 80 adult films that are available in different studios. She got well as some exclusive content available on her official website and those are worth to watch or download

With those adult films boost her popularity in the mainstream. It helps her land some gigs in movies such as Piranhaconda and Lizard Man. She is also in The Locals and finally starred in the movie Cut. But what stands the most is when she also participates in a mainstream fitness brand “Fantasy Fitness”. As well as her being in the Sons of Anarchy TV series. Sure, Angie Savage is on fire with all those gigs she got. Her popularity is something to look on for the up and coming pornstars nowadays.

Back then she got a sexy body as well as normal size puppies but she got it enhanced. Angie Savage enhances her boobies making it big enough for the guys to love it. She also got one of the tightest and luscious pussy to be proud of. She isn’t messing around as she loves to get in action the soon she gets naked with her onscreen partner. Angie Savage is a master when it comes to pleasuring cocks and she got the passion for it that is why she got this popularity. No surprise she got AVN Award nominations almost every year from 2007 to 2013.

The glamorous Angie Savage is 5”6 tall with big fake titties on her sexy, slim body. Too bad she retired but those 80 films she has done through her entire career are a treasure. Those are still unmatched with the other and can compete with the recent hardcore videos available today. You can still follow her on Twitter and Instagram as she posts some real-life events she had. Maybe she will come back? We don’t know for sure but it is a possibility.