Asa Akira is a Japanese American Pornstar and Porn film director.
When you think of Japanese American porn stars, this particular actress will be the first that comes to mind.

Multi-talented Akira was nominated for 82 awards during her porn career, she won 27 of them, including best double penetration sex scene, best anal scene, Best group sex scene, Porn star of the year, and in 2015 the best mainstream adult media favorite.

Early life
Akira was born in Manhattan, New York.
Her parents were immigrants from Japan, and she was their only child.
She spent her first nine-years in SoHo but then had a brief interlude when she moved to Japan for four years, because of her father’s work.
At the age of 13, she returned to the United States, initially to Brooklyn, and then later Clinton Hill.

In her own words, she had a “perfectly normal childhood.”
She was given a full scholarship to the United Nations International School, but her grades in her first year were so poor that she was not offered a second year.
She transferred to Washington Irving High School, and later the experimental City-As-School (high school).

Early career
At the age of just nineteen, Akira was confident enough to work as a dominatrix before moving on to stripping at New York’s Hustler Club.
Akira was a regular on the controversial “Bubba the Love Sponge” radio show, appearing as the “show whore,” and this is where she met porn actress Gina Lynn.
It was Lynn that first offered Akira porn work.

Akira’s first movie was “Drowning in Bitch Juice (2006)”

Her earliest work was mostly “girl on girl” work with Gina Lynn.
She then shot her first boy-girl film with Travis Knight (Gina Lynn Productions).

Akira’s next career move was to sign with Vouyer Media, later becoming a freelancer.

Later career
Asa Akira had her first major success with David Aaron Clark’s 2009 film, Pure, in which she played a receptionist in a fetish dungeon.
She was nominated for New Starlet of the Year in that year.

Over the period 2009 to 2017, she released many films. Her last movie with wicked was, “Tell me something dirty.”
After this, she seemed to concentrate on mainstream work, such as “Family Guy,” Dinner with Dani.

Some of her best movies were
Asa Akira Is Insatiable (2010 video)
This film was the first on-screen Anal and double penetration work by Akira.
She won AVN Awards for Best Anal Sex Scene, Best Double Penetration Sex Scene, and Best Three-Way Sex Scene (G/B/B)

Asa Akira Is Insatiable 2 (2011 Video)
The DVD starts out with porn star Asa telling how Insatiable 1 changed her life.
She goes on to say to the audience how she wants to try more, and she certainly does that with her first double-anal penetration.
She won AVN Awards for Best Anal Sex Scene, Best Double-Penetration Scene, Best Tease Performance, and Best Three-Way Sex Scene (G/B/B)

Asa Akira Is Insatiable 3 (2012 video)
The gangbang scene in this video is particularly good.
After this video, Akira said she was no longer typecast as the Asian chick, but is now typecast as the anal chick.