With over 700 movies done since joining the porn industry in 2004, we consider Dana DeArmond as one of the best porn stars to watch in a decade. That is how epic she is and we couldn’t imagine how she is still doing this stuff currently. Must have been a passion or her just a hardworking one and doing porn satisfy herself the most. Who wouldn’t? She is such a horny lass. She can be able to get her much-awaited orgasms which matters the most for her.

Standing 5 feet and 8 inches tall, Dana DeArmond was born on the last 16th of June 1979 in Fort Bragg, North Carolina. With her tremendous amount of movies she has done, she also directed two documentaries on her portfolio. With her success in the industry, she got one heck of a journey on her teens. She grew up in Orlando, Florida and became a street dancer at Disney World. When she is at the right age, she goes straight to being a stripper in Florida and California. With all the connections while working there, that leads Dana to porn. That turns out to be the best decision for her career.

You can see how she loves her fans with all her fan service through the old social media website “MySpace”. Dana DeArmond treats her fans like her own friends and you can see how much she loves them as she interacts with them on that platform. Her fans and her coworkers gave back, helping her through adversity. She lost her house in a fire accident back in the year 2007. They raise funds for her to get back on her feet. It is a nice touching story!

DanaDearmond is very popular when it comes to her hardcore and anal sex scenes. In the year 2008, she did a DAP or double anal penetration which marks her one of a must-watch pornstar in that category. That is why from the year 2007 to 2013 she got a lot of awards to AVN to CAVR Awards and a lot more. Dana is also a show host in the Urban X Awards. With her increasing popularity, she became a cover and a model for photobooks and magazines. She is also featured in the Cosmopolitan magazine as well.

This stunner got an official website if you want to get drowned with a lot of content from her. It is a great collection and dedicated to all the Dana DeArmond’s fans out there. In her past time, she is a figure skater and sometimes is a guest lecturer about the adult industry. You can also see her epic webcam shows as you will enjoy the real her teasing and posing in front of her webcam. A lot of pornstars got some valuable advice from her with regards to working porn and Dana often recruits future models with potential, opening their eyes to the great industry she is still working on the year 2020.

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