“Lara West is a young Hungarian porn actress who has shot to fame in the past few years. She started her porn career back in 2017 and has been active for three years. She is a blonde babe standing at 5ft 5 in and weighs about 120pounds. Her petite framework makes it easy for her to entertain her fans in all sorts of sexual positions with fellow male and female porn stars. This is the biography of Lara West, including some of her best sex scenes to date.

Early Life

This blondie is fairly mysterious as her whereabouts are not known. However, she is 23 years old and was born in Budapest, the capital town of Hungary. She is one of the few euro exports of the porn industry. The blonde is petite, thanks to her fitness and sports regiment.

Porn Career

The 23-year-old is relatively new to the porn business. She has done over 20 videos in the few years she has been in the industry. These videos have collected an estimated 10 million views across multiple porn tube sites. The babe can do it all when it comes to sex. Most of her videos have themes including vaginal, handjob, Lesbians, Small Ass, Natural Tits, Cumshot, Pussy Licking, Cowgirl, Shaved, Small Tits, Blonde, Medium Ass, Deep Throat, Doggy style, Foot Fucking, Threesome, blow job and hardcore. You can catch her sexy ass doing all this on x-videos and Porn Hub.

Best scenes of Lara West

The blonde has so much to offer if you are looking for a quick cum. Here are some of the best videos she has done:

Fuck my Bestfrineds Dad

The video is shot right at home of her best friend. The grey-haired dad is seduced by the gorgeous young lass in a minute. They begin shoving each other’s tongue down the throat. The two are not shy to fuck the brains out of each other. The routine is fresh, and there is a good reason why it hit one million views.

Karups- Lara Calls Over Her Fuck Buddy

The video has Lara horny over heels and cannot get through the minute without getting dick. This video will definitely require you to get some lube or a towel. The male model does not disappoint with the task at hand as he comes in heavy on the young lass. The duo is not shy about experimenting with new positions and styles. He fucks her hard in the ass and vagina until she wets his dick up with cum. The video entails her squirting and will make you wish he was your fuck buddy to call on when horny,

Darcie Lee and Lara West Have Some Fisting Fun

The hot young lass is bot new to a woman’s body nor touch. The lass is hungry for more and has her partner enter her in all sorts of ways. This is not your usual girl o girl action. The two are definitely experienced in what they are doing and have so much fun exploring each other’s holes.”