Marilyn Crystal is a young Ukrainian fetish model and pornstar who is based in Paris, France.
She has had over 50 videos, which have garnered over 2 million views making her one of the most-watched pornstars of Europe.
The single blonde is young and on her way to the top of the porn industry as she consistently continues to make great movies.
Here is the Marilyn Crystal porn bio:

Early Life

Marilyn Crystal was born on August 11, 1997, in Ukraine.
This top European export does not go by any other name except the one you’ll call her.
She is 5ft 7in and weighs about 150 pounds.
The 22-year-old sex addict has been active since 2018.
Not much is known about her personal life.
However, she is extremely fit and flexible, making us wonder whether she was into sports and fitness from an early age.

Porn Career

The 5ft 7in star has been steadily rising since she started back in 2018.
In fact, her rankings across multiple porn sites are always on the rise.
The sexy luscious lipped babe is yet to be nominated for an award l, but her stellar performances in her 52 movies and more will surely earn her one in the near future.
She likes to have sex doggy style and be dominated by men with aggressive hands and huge cocks.
Additionally, she likes it when she gets loads of cum on her face and mouth, as shown below.

Best Scenes of Marilyn Crystal

The blonde is as a fiery as they come.
She has a huge rack that will keep you staring and a pussy that is insatiable.
This blonde is definitely a bombshell, and her body is the bomb.
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She is a naughty girl.
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The blonde knows her way around her walls.
She plays with herself very naughtily, all legs spread out.
You better get yourself some tissue or even better a towel just to throw it in.
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Marilyn Crustal Blowjob Big Cck

Erik Everhard lives up to his name in this video.
The huge cock is a mouthful when Marilyn feeds on it without a gag reflex.
The dick is almost a foot long and barely fits into her mouth.
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Nothing better than a little nudity.
In this video, the vixen showcases her hot body.
She is definitely the one to watch out for, especially in the hot lingerie.
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