A priceless piece of ebony ass, Misty Stone has climbed her way towards the top of the porn tube stripper pole.
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Who is Misty Stone?

A stunning starlet that gets wet and quivers by gazing into the lens of any camera, Misty Stone is a porn tube superstar.
She drives men all around the world nuts with her freaky smile and tight, toned body.
Her body is a magnificent work of art that begs to be kissed, licked, sucked, and fucked. If you find her as irresistible as me you can follow her on Instagram @mistystone420.

Misty’s smooth, rich, creamy, and delicious chocolate-colored skin is luscious and luxurious.
She’ll get you in the groove with her come hither bedroom eyes and natural, shiny, bouncy, and curly hair.
When the greenery is in the system her creeks run deep for your pebbles.
Misty Stone is a gym rat that likes to work out and stay physically fit to look good when on camera.

Early Life

The spitting image of “The Boy is Mine” songstress, Stone was born on 03/26/1986 in Inglewood, CA.
She wasn’t always a sexually infatuated slut craving large quantities of intense orgasms brought on by random strange men.
On the contrary, Misty was a Tomboy that played a lot of basketball during her teenage years.

Growing up on the cold-blooded streets of Los Angeles, she had to be tough and have thick skin.
Stone came up a street chick that always played by her rules and followed her own path. Her street-smarts would eventually serve her professional career well in the porn industry.

Porn Career

According to thelordofporn.com, Misty Stone started porn in 2006.
She has been on record stating that her inclusion in the porn business began as an accident.
Additionally, resuming her porn tube activities were described as “Making the best of a bad situation” by the gorgeous sex doll.
Whatever the case, she has made an accomplished career out of that “Bad situation”.

Stone has been nominated for tons of porn tube awards and even won a few of them.
She’s won titles for the Best Lesbian Scene, Best Couple Scene, and Porn Star of the Year during her pornography run.
It doesn’t get much steamier than that, and she’s starred in over 300 porn movies to date.

Best Scenes

Bangbros.com- Misty Stone Got No Milk And She Ain’t Happy About It

Starting out by expressing her frustration with an empty milk jug taunting her cereal bowl, Stone lets her man eat her out from behind.
She then continues her quest for her daily dose of Vitamin D by licking and sucking on a cold hard cock.
Misty’s warm, wet pussy gets drilled from multiple angles and she is choked in this movie.

Baddaddypov.com- Cute Curly Haired Ebony Teen Misty Stone Gets Creampied By Her Stepdad

We watch Misty Stone play the innocent and adorable insecure stepdaughter until we have a birds-eye view of her giving a blowjob.
Seeing her lying on her back and getting fucked on the edge of the bed is a delightful treat for the eyes.
The porn tube video ends with “Daddy” busting a nut banging her from the back.

Westcoastproductions.com- WCP CLUB Skin Diamond Licking Pussy

The Tomboy in the desirable Stone comes out in full force during this video.
Skin Diamond initiates the festivities by fucking Stone with a candy cane dildo.
Wearing thigh-high white leather boots, Misty moans uncontrollably.
The long curly-haired bitch soon returns the favor, by relentlessly fucking Diamond with a strapon.
Pussy juice is flowing strongly here and they pleasure each other in more ways imaginable.