In 2011 Tori Black became the first pornstar ever to win two AVN female performers of the year awards after winning 2010 and 2011.
In 2007 Black had her first digital Avatar made, and this is used to film things that she does not want to shoot herself.

Early Life
Tori Black was born in Seattle, Washington.
From the age of seven, she was a dancer, and at one stage she was a belly dance instructor.
She later studied journalism at Western Washington University but did not graduate with a degree.
Her real name is Michelle Shellie Chapman.

Early Career
Black got into the porn industry after she was pushed by her parents to find a job.
She made some inquiries on Craig’s list and approached a company that offered work at $20,000 a month.

She put in her pictures and application, and after a week, they got back to her and made an offer. Her first video was “Solo Shaving Video.”

Black carried on making videos at quite a rate until 2011 when she gave birth to a boy, and then in 2013, she gave birth to another child.
During this period (for seven years), while she concentrated on bringing up her children, her career took a hiatus.
Then in 2017, she announced she was back.

Later Career
On her return, she relaunched her porn career with “Tory Black is Back,” which included four unscripted hot Lesbian scenes, which featured Blacks first ever 1st ever Girl-Girl DP in the Gangbang scene.

Since her return, she starred in “Natural Beauties 6”.
In this movie, the director tried an exciting recreation of the Sharon Stone bare beaver shots.
As a movie, it was not of the same type of film that we usually associate with Tori Black. One critic described it as “Pretty porn.”

Tori Black has her own section on Porn Hub, and many of these are from her earlier career. Some of her best work is featured there including:

Tori Black’s Legendary POV Blowjob

In this video, we see Tori coming towards the camera, dressed in a black basque, on her hands and knees.
She then takes a cock in our mouth, and we see all this from the point of view of the lucky guy.
She gives a perfect blowjob and then he jerks off into her mouth before she cleans herself up, licking the cum off her stockings.
Filmed well, and an incredibly sexy scene.

Tori Black makes it clear that she has no desire to cross over into mainstream TV and Film, as so many of her compatriots do.
Instead, she wants to take on more behind the camera roles in the future.
While she took her career break, she did get involved in some production work, and she hopes that in future, instead of being the performer who takes instructions, that she will be in a position to be the woman giving the instructions

But for now, there is a vast stock of Tori Black material on pornhub and other websites, including her official website where she has just published a short video showing her cum filled pussy from closeup.