Business woman, producer, adult actress, and feature dancer Veronica Rodriguez has a whole lot more sexual energy than you’d expect from a woman of such petite stature. Whenever she enters a room, it’s as if the lights dim, the beat drops, and the sexual tension boils over. But even before she became the multi-talented XXX mogul and fiery sex goddess that she is today, this explosive Latina was always a hard worker. As soon as she finished school, Miss Rodriguez got herself a job as a salesperson. She was known around the mall for doing whatever it took to make a sale, and it’s that very same hustling spirit that would bring her the fame and fortune she was destined for. Veronica eventually left the mall, spread her wings, and became an AVN award-winner, a squirting goddess, and one of the most electrifying cock-lovers to hit Brazzers in a long time!