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Sharon White Interview !!!

FoP. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

SW. Hello all, i am Sharon White 30 years old, from Hungary.
My measurements are: 95-70-100, I love my cats, I am living with 3 cats..
I adore trying new adventures, cars, i love trying new things, flavours, and new experiences.

FoP. What brands have you worked in the past?

SW. I worked for Loveherfeet, Private, Benefitmonkey, Nubiles, Rocco Siffredi, Analvids, Pierre Woodmans’, 21st naturals, Lifeselector, POVperv, Pornfidelity, Metart 21st sextury and the list is endless..

FoP. Do you travel a lot as part of your job? Wich cities do you liked best so far?

SW. Sometimes i travel becouse of my work, i visited Barcelona, Paris, but my favourite was Saint Martin on Caribian, our accomodation was in a very beautiful villa, near the sea.. I also loved Barcelona in Europe.

FoP. Would you consider yourself as a creative individual?

SW. I love being creative, it’s always good to learn something new. I find filming also a creative profession, i love studying acting as before i haven’t stand front of camera, but now i find it exciting and fun.

FoP. What inspires you as a model and content creator?

SW. I always try myself in different roles, just check out my new pictures, this time I’ve chosen dark backgrounds and stronger makeup with dark shades for my new content

FoP. What are your hobbies or interests outside of modeling?

SW. As hobby i could tell travelling, but i am currently travelling domestic, becouse i just got an 8 weeks old Bengal kitten as new buddy to my 1 year old other Bengal.
Of course sports are essential in my life, to get perferct figure.

FoP. What is your favourite movie in your portfolio?

SW. Now my favourite movie i am in is the “Momteachessex” video. I act in with Bonnie Dolce and Nikki Nutz. I could speak Hungarian in the movie, and in the dialogue we fight over on a boyfriend. It’s really worth to watch!

FoP. How do you organsie your daily schedule?

SW. Usually i am up till late, and therefore i wake up late. I am on social media daily 1-2 hours i post on my chanels, and i chek the news in adult world. Then i order food -regularity of meals is very important for me – and we do lots of common activity with my boyfriend, we visit family, going out for dinner, or just shopping or walk or to cinema.

FoP. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

SW. In 5 years i would like my relationship go on serious level.. and until then i am looking for new adventures.S

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