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Conspiracy By Lust Cast Podcast !!!

The host of this podcast has only been around the porn industry for a
couple of years. In spite of his obvious failure as an actor and
producer, he decided to launch this podcast and spill the tea, thereby
gaining the fame he so desperately sought. He constantly instigates in
his passive aggressive manner and tries to make conflict between the
members of the porn community where such conflict does not exist. Even
these efforts were a failure and he gained nothing much. Then recently
the opportunity arose! He was backed by a couple of people whose goals
matched his goals. Sneakily he poses as a guru, as a messiah, and acts
as an expert in the field of porn. Most of the porn community members
who were recruited for this purpose were already quitters, failed as
he did, or currently still active but bipolar, drug addicts, or
otherwise mentally ill – therefore easily manipulated. He also often
invites performers who willingly – knowingly or even maybe unknowingly
– take part in this dirty game he plays. Proof shows that he edits his
podcasts in a way that it harms the most the person who is attacked at
the time. This way obviously manipulates the viewership. Worth noting
that 95% of the time only Brillbabes is attacked as an agency, or a
couple of producers who actually are very famous and gained worldwide
fame and success in the last 30+ years! The fact that he only attacks
Hungarian productions is not a coincidence either. And not just
because he is living in Hungary. The people who fund, direct, and pay
for this show are known to us. We know their motivations…

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