“Damaris X (also known as Damaris XXX) is a porn star born in Alicante, Spain on July 20th, 1987. She started her porn career in 2011 at the age of 24. She is a fuller figured actress with a heavily tattooed body.

She is 5ft 6in and weighs 118 lbs (54 kg). She is 36D-24-37 and has various tattoos: Floral design on her lower belly; a floral design on and below left breast; and a floral design on and below right breast. Her breasts are cup size is “”D”” with implants.

Porn Career

Damaris has a reputation for extreme sex and has had a varied career with films covering several genres, although it is clear that anal is where she is most well known. She is incredibly talented with anal and many of the film clips listed for her are of that nature.

Now in her mid-thirties, a time when many porn actresses start to think about retiring, she is still as active as ever and in terms of performances giving some of the hottest displays of raw sex on the Internet.

Notable Performances
Some of her most notable videos are:

Fisted Spanked and Penetrated (2017)
In this video Damaris X, a busty, fuller-figured Spanish pornstar gets totally humiliated and is spanked, and fisted by two male pornstars. It certainly contains some explicit scenes and shows off the anal talents od Damaris X to the full extent. This 28-minute film from the houseoftaboo studio last 29 minutes.

Cop Gets Anal Sex in Spanish Hotel (2016)
This video shows, once again, Damaris X getting used in all three holes as she is used by a policeman. She does not fake anything and is clearly enjoying the treatment he dishes out. She returns the favor by rimming the guy and driving him nuts as she uses her tongue on his anus. Following that it seemed only natural that he makes use of her rear entrance to push himself deep inside her butt. There is no soft and gentle anal penetration here, it is rough and Damaris not only manages on this treatment but actively enjoys it. I think perhaps in terms of anal performances Dasmaris X must be one of the hottest performers around today.

In this final video, we see Damaris X in a lesbian video featuring three girls

Carmen Lomama y Damaris X – Lesbianas
Watching this video I think I discovered why Damaris X has been such a successful performer and continues to be in demand. In this video, two of the girls are forcing themselves on a reluctant participant Not an uncommon scene in may lesbian genre pornos. The thing I noticed in this video from 2016 was that when forcing the woman the expression on Damaris’ face was looking like she was naturally enjoying the things she was doing to the girl. They appeared real as she laughed at the discomfort of the third girl. I guess what I am saying is that she is an excellent actress as well as being a talented pornstar.”