Lina Luxa was born on 10/12/1999 In France.
This is the same day a Jessica Lincoln was born though they vary in terms of age with a gap of six years.
She has brown hair and black eyes that make her look so sexy from a distance and even when you come to close contact with her.
She weighs fifty-eight kilograms and has a height of about one hundred and eighty centimeters.
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Lina Luxa race is partially Caucasian as she has parents of a different nationality.
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Lina has a great talent in acting, and she has performed several movies such as European tribal films, teens and even anal gonzo.
In her career, she partners with Marc Kaye, and together they do a lot of exemplary work that can be emulated by many.
In twenty nineteen they featured in a film titled No panties in public.
This film was rated to have adult content, and many people watched it.
Series are loved by many people worldwide, and they are known to break the boredom.
Lina has in her career acted two series which were ranked topmost, and they include private gold and private special.
Other films featuring Lina include Friends family affairs and a forty-year-old wife’s deep desires which is English version in nature.

Apart from porn videos, Lina has about 17 films and 14 videos of different categories. These videos are not merely porn movies even though they have such acts.
Since twenty eighteen, when Lina started acting, she has remained in the industry, and she continues to do great.
She is active on social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, where she posts several pictures of her attractive body that is semi-nude from time to time.