“Meri Kris is a young professional porn actress from Europe. She is a year into her porn career, and very little is known about this European beauty. Nonetheless, she is 5ft 6in and weighs about 110-125pounds. Kris has been active for a year as she made her pro debut in 2019. This hasn’t stopped her from working with some of the big names in the porn industry both in Europe and America.

Early Life

This sexy euro babe with brown eyes and black hair is an aggressive pornstar who just launched her porn career. However, we do not know much about the caucasian beauty. Nonetheless, Kris was born on January 1st, 1994, in Kyiv, a town in Ukraine. She is from humble beginnings, but there is nothing humble about the way she performs on set, taking huge chunks of meaty cocks in her mouth, ass, and vagina.

Porn Career

As mentioned already, the 5ft 5 inch brunette is only a year into her professional porn career. This means she has not shot a ton of porn videos, but the thick babe is headed there. It is evident from her videos that the lady is inspired by former legends in the business. In the short time she has been acting, she has managed to work with Nubile Films and X videos. The meaty brunette is yet to be nominated for awards, but at this pace, she might go down as one of the porn greats of this generation. Kris has acted in movies with the following themes; vaginal, handjob, Lesbians, Small Ass, Natural Tits, Cumshot, Pussy Licking, Cowgirl, Shaved, Small Deep Throat, Doggy style, Threesome, blow job and hardcore.

The brunette has a pretty face and banging body, making her on top of the list when it comes to fucking, and Her wild demeanor sets her apart from other models. She opens for everything and anything, and that’s why she is a great act to watch when jerking off. Here are some of the wildest videos:

Gaping-Glory with Anal Princess Meri

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She does not have a lot of videos out yet, but she is definitely the one to follow. She has so much potential, and the above video is proof that her upcoming projects will be on a new level. Be sure to subscribe to get her to attest videos for absolutely fee.