“Perfect petite body, natural tits, and curly hair are some of the defining characteristics that set Stacy Bloom apart from others. Many people love Stacy Bloom as a porn actress because she delivers a powerful passion for sex in every porn scene that she’s in.

With her tan skin and petite constitution, expect that Stacy Bloom will turn you on. Fans often say that they love this pornstar because she’s so playful and dreamy on-screen and also knows how to do her thing.

Early Life

Stacy Bloom is a pornstar that hails from Moscow, Russia. She was born on July 6, 1992. Stacy Bloom has strong caucasian features. Her curly hair, tan skin, and slim body are proof of this. Though not many are certain how she started her porn career, one thing’s for sure. Stacy Bloom’s caucasian physical traits helped her to earn lots of fans as a porn star.

For a little trivia, Stacy Bloom was previously known as Lubachka, Pammie Lee and Winona.

Porn Career

Stacy Bloom first started as a nude model at age 18. This probably where she first learned how to project herself excellently in the camera. It was at age 25 where she first engaged herself to hardcore porn. Legalporno distributed her first porn video and featured Stacy Bloom doing anal and DP scenes in a rough sex style.

Her next porn project was still produced by Legalporno that commenced at the end of the same month of the same year. This time Stacy Bloom performed four-man gang bang, double anal penetration, and self anal fisting.

What fans love about Stacy Bloom is that she can do diverse porn performances. She does porn in solo, lesbian, boy/girl . and special porn categories. In solo videos, you’ll commonly see Stacy Bloom banging herself with dildo. She also does a lot of anal, fisting, and squirt videos in straight and lesbian porn.

Best Scenes

Stacy Bloom’s bio will not be complete if we don’t talk about some of her best porn scenes. From here on out, we will give you a brief overview of her best porn based on our preference.

Legal Porno AF002

This porn features Stacy Bloom doing DP, DAP, and anal sex with porn actors Ian Scott and Luca Ferrero. It distributed and released by legal porno on July 17, 2019. This is one of the videos that show how well Stacy bloom can handle rough sex.

Extra Hot Pool Pussy Play

In this scene that runs for 42 minutes, Stacy Bloom does sex with porn actor Totti. The video starts with the usual breast fondling and then transitions to more intimate moves. Porn actress Stacy Blooms moans like crazy as Totti bangs her hard. What we love about this scene is that the chemistry between male and female porn actors is very natural.

This porn is distributed and released by teamskeet on October 11, 2019.

Women’s Winter

Stacy Bloom really knows how to have fun with other women! In this porn, she does a lot of naughty things with porn actresses Nicole Love and Lexi Layo. These three while kissing and pleasuring each other will make you feel aroused. Distributor 21st Sextury Network probably made a lot of money from this porn.

Is Porn Actress Stacy Bloom Worth the Subscription?

The answer depends on your preference for a woman’s body. Stacy Bloom appeals to men who love petite women. If you’re attracted to caucasian beauties, then Stacy Bloom is the actress that you’re looking for. Her hotness, playfulness and diversity as porn actress will surely turn you on.