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Selva Interview !!!

Fop Can you tell us a little about yourself?

S I am a 24 year old girl I was born in Brazil I grew up in the jungle literally as Mowgli the child of the jungle… and I’m not kidding. I love the jungle, I love nature, I can talk to the trees… I hug the trees and I feel a lot. But I went to Spain specifically to Seville when I was 9 years old, I love Seville I love Spain and I consider myself Brazilian and Spanish.
I am a very sexual girl, the world of porn has always made me very curious and when I tried it I realized that I was born to be a porn star and it seems that this is how the industry and fans are seeing it. I am living a dream come true.

Fop What brands have you worked with in the past?

S To have been in the world of porn for 6 months, I have worked with the best producers and companies and actors from all over the world. I have worked for Roco Siffredi, Pierre Woodman, Bangbros, Reality Kings, Fake Taxi, and many high-quality virtual production companies such as Virtual taboo, Letsdoitt…. I don’t remember right now but I have worked for many production companies. I am very happy with the trajectory that my career is taking in so few months.

Fop Do you travel a lot as a part of your job? Wich cities do you liked the best so far?

S Yes, the truth is that one of the most positive and beautiful things about my job as a porn actress is traveling, since I love traveling, getting to know new cities and people. In porn you meet a lot of people and you get to know a lot of new cities and countries. I lived in Seville thanks to porn, I have known Madrid and Barcelona within Spain and then outside of Spain I have traveled to Prague, Paris, Vienna, Budapest, soon I will travel to the Dominican Republic. They have also offered me jobs in Germany and Japan, that is, I don’t stop and I love it.

Fop Would you consider yourself as a creative individual?

S If I consider myself a very creative person. From a very young age I read and wrote a lot, I like to sing, listen to music, paint, color, photography, the world of acting, I have walked as a catwalk model in Brazil and Spain and above all I was very interested in interpreting… being actress… People sometimes make mistakes in the world of adult cinema there is a lot of interpretation and only the sex part you have to contribute a lot you have to do a sexual performance and apart from sex there is what is called comedy which is a cinema part Normal is to say where scripted things happen where you have to act as an actress and I love that part.

Fop What inspires you as a model and content creator?

S I am a person who does not have specific idols or examples to follow, what inspires me in each scene and in my professional day-to-day life is to improve myself. I am a person who challenges himself a lot and who I love getting what is proposed. I have always achieved what I have proposed in life or at least I have tried… Now I have proposed to become a porn actress very loved by her fans and highly regarded by the producers and I am in it…

Fop What are your hobbies or interests outside of modeling?

S I have many hobbies. I like to sing, listen to music, paint, take pictures and I love cooking, eating is one of my biggest hobbies. Sometimes I like to eat out in restaurants but I prefer to cook since I love it. I have many hobbies related to creativity…

Fop What is your favorite movie in your portfolio? Why?

S I don’t have a specific favorite scene or movie because I give my all in all my scenes, I learn a lot in all my scenes, I enjoy a lot in all my scenes and I give everything so that the viewer is satisfied watching the scene but I have It had some actors, some directors who have marked me a lot, such as Roco Siffredi or Pierre Woodman.

Fop How do you organize your daily schedule?

S My day to day is very different depending on whether I work or not if I have work that day I dedicate it only to the scene, I get up early I prepare my suitcase I wait for the driver they took me to the location they make me up we take photos we do comedy we do sex and depending on The type of scene is more or less long but more or less takes up a large part of the day. Then I get home. I relax, I rest, I have dinner, I watch some TV and I dedicate myself to sleep because the truth is that the scenes are quite a powerful physical effort, like going to the gym for many hours and they leave you quite tired. The days that I have free time that I don’t have a scene are very different. I go for walks, go shopping, be with my people, cook quietly, and I am very homemade. I love to walk during the day I like the sun I like to walk in the parks and I repeat being at home watch a good movie cook a good meal I love that

Fop Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

S    Well, in five years, I honestly see myself as an adult film actress who is very loved by the public, well known throughout the world and highly regarde

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Selva Interview !!!

Fop Can you tell us a little about yourself? S I am a 24 year old girl I was born in Brazil I grew up...

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