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Pornstars Having High Incomes

When I was in student hostel, I often admired the older girls, who had self confidence within themselves, not like me. Noone really looked at me, or stared when we were down in the dining hall with the boys. Most of us really put effort in looking great for these half an hours, put make up on, made our hair up, and pour half a gallon of perfume on. The guys looked at the chicks, who were sexy and provocative like pornstars. By the way, that time I didn’t know what was a “pornstar” about… I couldn’t be like that. I was always the grey mouse. The transparent one. Until one day, I had a chat with an older student, who started the life of the pornstar, as in going out with guys for some pocket money. After some time, she thought the money is great, and the guys are willing to pay more, and she really enjoyed flirting as well. She told me all kinds of stories about dating and about the life of pornstar, as she were doing porn scenes as well. As she was telling the fascinating tales, I played along with the thought, that it’s easy, and I might be able to do the same, with time. After all, everything is about practice. I decided, I’m going to try the life of the pornstar escorts as well, and make lots of cash!

Pornstars should be coachable and determined

So she saw the interest in my eyes, and she offered her help, in any kind. I was already eighteen that time, so I was allowed to bring my own decisions. At the beginning she gave me all the contacts, and invited me to parties, and events, where I could meet the clients. I was nervous at start, but after a while, I stared to gain more confidence in me, and I started to enjoy, and play along. Eventually, it all get natural, and easy going. When I received my first payment, I couldn’t actually believe how easy it was, and how high income I could get in a month.

Pornstars can make easy income

The money started to pour. I was happier than ever, and more confident than ever before. Than, I met more girls, who were in film making too. They told me the benefits, that if many clients see them on the movies, they really want to have sex with them, so they can actually get more money as pornstar escorts, than doing it separately. As I was already an escort girl, I felt ambitious for trying something new, so I get a contact for the best professional agency which is specialized for pornstar escorts, and things started to rise. I managed to save up so much, that I was able to buy a car on my own. This was something, I could never imagine before. After a car, I could put more money on the side, and I started to pay in for a house. I was a proud pornstar escort, I was so proud of myself, that I’m doing this on my own, and my confidence was never as stable as it is now. After all, I never regret anything in my life. Made the best choices, and if I could give you any suggestions, I would say why not try something crazy, something really fun for yourself, where you can make your future more stable? I love the be one of the pornstars!

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