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Hi, Girls! In today’s topic, I’m going to talk about regrets. We all know the famous saying, “Fear is temporary, regret is forever”. Yes. That’s right. There are things in life, we never know, if we didn’t try. It works for almost everything.

Do without regret

There are a lot of sunny side to being a pornstar.  First of all, it involves many interesting and versatile traveling abroad. There are not so many other jobs, that would offer this great opportunity. Secondary, the amount of new and well-connected people you meet, is once again an incredible chance for you to get to know more people.  Never forget about the thousands of chances you might be facing during these trips, parties, events and dates. At last but not at least, the financial matter. Let’s put is this way: There are almost no other jobs, that would offer the same salary for an hour work than this one. Most girls are working hard hours at the mall as a shopgirl, or 8 hours in a boring office building, etc.

Without boredom and stringency

Well with pornstar life boredom and stringency are not a matter of every day life. With all that, regret is not a question I hope. Let’s say, you just started filming. To make sex for money. It is all going great, people from the professional team are satisfied with your work, you are getting all the credits you deserve and seek for. It’s all going great for you. You get across many new connections, interesting people, you start to travel, you can afford much more than before. Sometimes happens that the client are not that handsome, or not your dream man… but think about the easy money you make!

When conscience comes:

How are you going to tell all this to your friends (if they don’t know it yet), or to your parents? Another big deal. Well, you have to decide it first if you want it to or not. With time, they might get to know about it from someone else and that’s the worst. If you do decide to share it with them, you have to make sure to secure them, that it’s not how they raised you. It’s not their “fault”. You must secure them of your love and concern, and ask the same from them in return. Also should tell them that this is a job, you decided to take this opportunity for your life, and you are taking it seriously.

Most of you parents are old fashioned and conservative. You have to know the way to approach them and communicate with them, but one thing is for sure. If you keep it in for too long, it will eat you up. Think about it! Being a porn star is fun and lucrative, but you have some important decisions on the way because of your loved ones. No matter what life throws in front of you. It is up to You to take the opportunity or not. If you do, go straight forward with your goals, plans and wishes. Don’t let anyone stop you. It is your life, and regrets are not a matter of question. Keep it up Chicks!