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Nelly Kent Interview

Nelly Kent Interview

1. Where your stage name came from?

My stage name comw from one of my real name Nela..and translated in english it comes Nelly.

2. Have you ever had other job?

I did…i have other jobs begore this as a cam girl…and before to be a cam girl i was a model, working in marketing, writer.

3. At what age did you lose your virginity?

I lose it at 18years old.

4. How it feels like shooting lesbi scenes? You prefer working with girls instead men?

I dont feel at all in my skin doing movies with girls…i dont have any problem with any women.if i see a nice women i can say “yes she is beautiful and she looks good…” But never think or do in another way.

5. Your family knows about porn? What they say about it?

No..my family doesn’t know me nothing..we dont have any relation and if they whould know they whouldnt agree at all.

6. What you bought from the first money you won in porn?

Well first think was food from KFC and earrings.

7. Do you believe in a sincere relationship ? Do you want to get married and have kids?

Of course i trust in a sincere relationship but now im alone and im ok with because i want to focus on what i am doing.i want kids buy not at this moment.

8. How do you see yourself at 40 years old?

Well at that age i see myself like a business women because i defenetly have skills for it.

9 .If your child will tell you that he/she wants to work in porn what you would say?

I dont think i whould have any problem because i see how people are working …its safe and no one pressure you to do nothing.

10. Do you have a favourite actor? Porn actor, of course…

Yes, I do and that one its Chris Strokes..and I hope one day I will have the pleasure to be fucked by him.

11. How it looks like a regular day when you are not shooting?

Well a regular day for me when im not shooting im working on something else…im always active….making shoots for different fashion photographers, writing different stuffs and funny one…or sleeping.

12. The craziest place you had sex is?

On a balcony in the middle of the day.

13. You prefer big or small? You know what i mean…:)

LOL big as possible…but also small one can be good if the guys knows how to move it..you know what i mean:))

14. What s your biggest dream?

My biggest dream its tk be a comedian and to have also a big shop with clothes.

15. Have you ever fall in love with an actor? If yes, tell me the name…

Yes…in my imagination with Chris.

16. What are your hobbies and interests?

My hobbies are enduro, cars, speed, adrenaline, writing about different stuffs and my interest its one…i will always want to be one of the best in everything im doing.

17. Did you ever watched your movies with your boyfriend?

Im alone for a long time and when i was with a man i never have been an actress.

18. Do you consider yourself a lucky person?

I do..sometimes..but my life was tuff since i was a little so i consider that sometimes i work to be lucky in life…i make my own lucky.

19. How do you think working in porn can change you?

Im more opened… Give me confidence about myself and make me a stronger women day by day.

20. How your fans can contact you?

My fans can contact me on Instagram and Twitter as Nelly Kent or https://pornstreamlive.com/nelly-kent