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Lili Charmelle interview !

FoP. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

LC. Sure my name is Lili Charmelle, i am 22 years old.
i am from Hungary. I was always interest about erotic things all my life, and thatswhy i choosed porn as profession.

FoP. What brands have you worked in the past?

LC. i worked for Virtualtaboo, Girlsrimming, Dark Shade, Pierre Woodman’s prod, Sexart, Hustler, TMVRnet, Istripper, Private, Babes, Disciples of Desire and more very good grands, i just can’t list everyone

FoP. Do you travel a lot as part of your job? Wich cities do you liked best so far?

LC. Yeah, and i feel very lucky that i can travel so much becouse of my job. I liked each city i’ve been so far, but if i must choose, i would say Paris and Barcelona were my favourites.

FoP. Would you consider yourself as a creative individual?

LC. Sure i like to try exciting new things!

FoP. What inspires you as a model and content creator?

LC. Other actors can inspire me, or sometimes i get inspiration from mainstream cinema or a good song.

FoP. What are your hobbies or interests outside of modeling?

LC. I love photo and fashion modeling and acting. I can’t live without music therefore i go love going to party. I like yoga and running and meeting with guys of course

FoP. What is your favourite movie in your portfolio?

LC. Well, it’s really hard to choose one.. i like a lot of them. if i should pick 1 it can be my Sexart movies becouse they are very very sensual.

FoP. How do you organsie your daily schedule?

LC. I always start my day with a coffee and after i do a little workout. Food is very important for me. I know it’s hard to belive but i love to eat a lot. If i shoot, i prepare for shooting day. If i am free i just hang out in the city, or when i feel lazy i just watch Netflix at home.

FoP. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

LC. Ohh that’s the hardest question for me. I don’t like to plan so long ahead. I just love to enjoy the moment. in 5 years i am hoping i will do something front of the camera or i will be in a good reationship, whatever makes me happy.

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Lili Charmelle interview !

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