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Sandra Romain talks about “Next Romain”

Sandra Romain talks about “Next Romain”

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Sandra Romain talks about β€žNext Romain”

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Hey, Sandra! Welcome to “Fansofporn”! We are happy to start the pornstar s interview section with you!

S.R: Hi! I m happy too, and i m glad that i can answer your questions!

You have more than 10 years in Porn Industry! There is anything that you regret?

S.R: I joined Porn Industry in 2000, so many years ago…but seems like it was yesterday! I ve got so many good moments along this years…Believe it or not, all this job was a lesson for me because i learned so many things, and now i m able to learn other girls from my experience. Porn Industry is a good reason to fulfill all your fantasies, even if you pretend sometime that this is only part of the job.
To resist so many years in this business, is not easy at all. It s not necessary to be only beautiful, and to open your legs…
It is very important to learn to respect everybody, if you want to be respected, if you want to be treat good, to be a name in this industry and to make money. Because, in the end, adult industry it s a world that can offer you a lot!
You can win, but you can also loose…It s up to you… Depends only if you think far away, or if you only live for the moment.
When you start shooting of course it s possible to not like everything, all the time. Sometimes, especially when you are new, people will ask you to do many crazy things…At the begining is it possible to not understand the language, to be shy, or to think too much about the money…In that moment, your answer for all the questions can be yes, but after you may realise that it was not exactly what you wanted to be.
In my whole career, i did 2 scenes that i m not proud about, i never wanted to watch them again. I ll tell you more about this next time.
One more think that i regret is that i cannot stop the time, and be a perfomer again, again, and again! πŸ™‚

Do you remember your first scene? How was it?

S.R: Oh, yes! I do!
Was a lot of challenge, a lot of new things and a lot of fun, on my very first scene. It happened in Budapest, with Rocco Siffredi and one or two more girls (sorry, i don t remember this). It was my first anal from my whole life…with Rocco..lol. My first anal and my first time playing with other pussies. :)))
Nobody could believe that it was my first scene because of my attitude and the way i did all the scene. My only problem was the poor english level because the comunication was difficult. Anyway, i survived!
After that scene, same director booked me for the next day also, for a DP, this time. I just said OK, without thinking about what is that! So DP- double penetration with Rocco Siffredi and Nacho Vidal! Oh, my god! After this scene, all the others were piece of cake for me! I started to get more and more work. A friend of mine, Steve Holmes, named me Sandra Romain. I worked in Europe until 2012, then i moved to USA until 2007. This was the best period of my whole life. I was nominate 11 times, and won 7 awards in 2007.

You are well known as being an anal lover! Do you prefer or enjoy more the anal scenes?

S.R: Doing anal, blowjob, normal sex…all of them are fun, but anal sex is complete! Many girls are scared about anal sex. This is only a menthal problem….I love, i enjoy, and i do anal sex everytime i feel doing that.

We know that you have 2 more sisters and a brother. Your youngest sister is also in Porn Industry, Alice Romain…did you convinved her to follow you in this domain?

S.R: Yes, that s true! My youngest sister always told me: “When i ll grow up, i want to be like you!” She always appreciated everything i did for her, and how much i helped her, and she wanted to return all to me. Of course, this was not necessary, but she really wanted to be like me. I told her about everything involves Porn Industry, and i let her decide her life. She choosed the name Alice, and i choosed Romain. If one day somebody will take my place, and want her to be that one. There are many pornstars, but only one is Romain! πŸ™‚

What are you doing when u are not shooting? Tell me about a regular day for you!

S.R: Few years ago i used to work a lot, specially when i was in USA. Right now many things changed, the problem is that i cannot stop the time. Even if i would like to work like before, i m not that young anymore, but still horny, and from time to time i m in front of the camera having fun like crazy.

When i m not shooting…i m so busy with my normal things…I live at the country side, and i m very busy with my garden, with my animals, i clean my house, i cook, i do everything must be done and i love to do all this things…

When i have time, i like to travel.

You will have your own movie on Pornstreamlive. Can you tell me a few words about it? Why “Next Romain?”

S.R: Why “Next Romain?” Because, how i said, Romain is only one ( no offense). All these years i was only performer, i worked only in front of the camera…why? Because i felt very good doing this. Like a performer, you have to play a role, the role that the director give you. You receive a script with the dialog, and you have to do it. All the time i liked to be creative and improvise! All the time i tought that my ideas were better…i always had the feeling that i can be a good director. I got the change to be one since i was in USA, but i was not prepared for that. After i arrived i Romania, Pornstreamlive came with this idea again, and i said YES!

It s a great experience, completly different than what i do when i m in front of the camera. Anyway, i was part of the movie, teaching girls how they should addopt my style, and maybe, become some day …”Next Romain” .

Why a sheep farm? I know this is one of your business…

S.R: Like i told you before, i live at the country side and i love animals and nature. My grandfather used to be a farmer, and got lot of animals, sheeps also. So, beside porn, i like to keep myself busy. This is also a good business, and i take care of it with all my heart.

Do you still have any unfulfilled fantasies? If yes, i m curious to hear what those would be… πŸ™‚

S.R: To be honest, i fulfilled all my fantasies in my movies! I m a lucky woman! So, for the moment, i m open to your fantasies! Some ideas? πŸ™‚

What s your advice for the young performer ladies?

S.R: Girls, do like me! Take this job like one that can offer you everything, and do everything with all your heart! Be a name in Porn Industry! Yu can only win!

Thanks so much for your time, and in the end, please, send a message to all your fans that will read this interview.

S.R: My dear friends and fans, please, do not think that you will not see me anymore in new scenes! I will still shoot from time to time, because i like it and i always miss it! I send you all lot of hugs and kisses!!!

With all my love,

Sandra Romain