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Candee Licious interview

Candee Licious interview

FoP – Can you tell us a little about yourself?
CL – I am 27, I enjoy when technical knowledge, talent and heart meats one another in one person, I am thankful, honest, and respectful. These 3 means also a lot for me. I really like my job, but I wish I could experience work in porn in its golden times. I am also more an introvert person. What describes me the most is looking at my self, and minding my own business rather than being busy with what others do. I have a small friend group, but they have the heart on the right place. I am always striving to become better, but I try to enjoy life also at the same time!

FoP – What brands you have worked in the past?
CL – I’ve worked for Private, Dorcel, 21 Naturals, Brazzers, Sinful, LifeSelector, Penthouse, EvilAngel, Rocco, Subspaceland, Straplez, MixedX, Nubilefilms, DDF, LetsDoeit, Whiteboxxx, In the Crack, Woodman, BenefitMonkey, the list is long…:)

FoP – Do you travel a lot as a part of your job? Which cities you liked the best so far?
CL – Yes, I travel quite often due to my job, but I never have time for sightseeing, so it’s hard to tell.

FoP – Would you consider yourself as a creative individual?
CL – Definitely YES!

FoP – What inspires you as a model and content creator?
CL ⁃My fantasies, my creativity, and my boyfriend.

FoP – What are your hobbies or interests outside of modeling?
CL -I like to write, meditate, doing inner work, yoga & pilates. I enjoy traveling, good quality of red vine, creative projects, and spending quality time with my loved ones.

FoP – What is your favorite movie in your portfolio and why?
CL ⁃ I can’t choose, back in the years, I really enjoyed the shooting of the movie called Amnesia, In the Crack I loved too, LetsDoeit, basically anything of Private and Penthouse, MixedX is great too, Sinful is a peace of art, obviously I like Dorcel prod, Nubilefilms is super fun as well, Straplez is absolutely sexy… Personally, I love everything in the category of sexy, erotic… the kind of Playboy style.

FoP – How do you organize your daily schedule?
CL ⁃ This is one of the most difficult in this job. It’s sometimes hardly predictable when I will get a booking. I always say to my friends and family, “I will text you a day before if nothing changes and I stay free on that day”. But of course, I try to schedule my duties in front, and in the worst case I move them to another date. If I plan something such as vacation I let it know to my agent in time, so she can organize accordingly.

FoP – Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
CL ⁃I love this question. I imagine like this: I live close to the sea. I can hear the waves from my garden. I spend a lot of time with yoga, meditation and inner work. I have a loving and supportive husband, who is also my best friend and we understand each other just by one look in each other’s eyes (big chance he will be David Perry). I have a small friend group, but they are amazing people. We love each other unconditionally and we trust in each other. I have a horse and a dog, and I am member of animal protection organization. I am connected with my mind-heart-and body and I am healthy inside and outside. My skin and hair is glowing. I am doing a job, what I love to do (whatever it will be at that moment) and I have comfortable and stable finances.